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Butter & Bones: The Healing Power of CLA

July 11, 2012 16 comments

So last night when I “hacked” into my dad’s WordPress account to write my post, I saw that he had an unpublished draft here. I will leave all the links and photos he wanted you all to see, but unfortunately his synthesis and commentary never made it on here. I can tell it’s all copied and pasted from other sites.

Wordle: crohn's dad

This wordle above might seem familiar (his wallpaper). I actually helped him make it the other day. We were sitting on the couch, watching Le Tour De France (it’s always on in our house, every July), and he asked me to help him with his Facebook page. He didn’t really finish the page, but I’ll deal with that later. He couldn’t figure out how to get a good profile and cover photo for this page, and he didn’t want to publish it until he had. I got a good profile picture, which is actually the one I sent off this morning to be in his obituaries online and in the papers. Then I wanted to make him a cool cover photo, and thought of doing a wordle. Well, here it is, and I think it’s fantastic. He loved it so much he’d been putting it everywhere. I hope you all enjoy it.

Yeah, so all my dad got to here was posting a bunch of links. He never even made a point about the Butter and Bones and CLA, although I know from what he talked about that those are all really fantastic things. Our CSA share of meat is ready on Saturday and I don’t know who will go get that, but it sure contains the right bones to make yummy bone broth. I actually think we have some frozen bits of broth ice cubes and things in the freezer.

Here are the links he wanted everyone to see but never got to explain. He was writing this on July 2nd at 2:16, when he definitely was at work….hah typical. Please read these and enjoy:

-Total US Population – 311.6 million

-IBD Stats – 1.4 million (only .4%)

-AARDA estimates up to 50 million Americans have an AD.  (only 16%)

-Cancer affects up to 12.6 million

-One in four adults—approximately 57.7 million Americans—experience a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 17 lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder 1 and about one in 10 children live with a serious mental or emotional disorder.

-An estimated 82.6 million American adults (1 in 3) have 1 or more types of CVD

-In 2008, 18.3 million Americans had physician-diagnosed diabetes
-Approximately 186,000 people <20 years of age have diabetes
-An estimated 7.1 million Americans have undiagnosed diabetes
-An estimated 81.5 million Americans have pre-diabetes

-The estimated prevalence of overweight and obesity in US adults  is 149.3 million and Among children 2 to 19 years of age, 23.6  are overweight and obese.

-Circulating zonulin, a marker of intestinal permeability, is increased in association with obesity-associated insulin resistance.

-Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer & Autoimmune disease all share a connected inflammatory process.

Obesity has been associated with increased intestinal permeability and absorption [1]. Obesity is correlated with dramatic
increases in intestinal absorptive capacity by increasing in amounts of absorptive mucosa.

Intestinal permeability regulates molecular trafficking between the intestinal lumen and the submucosa, leading to either
tolerance or immunity to non–self-antigens [3,4]. The intercellular tight junctions (TJs) tightly regulate this paracellular antigen
trafficking. TJs are appreciated to be extremely dynamic structures operative in several key functions of the intestinal epithelium
under both physiological and pathological circumstances [5]. Persistent high circulating levels of inflammatory cytokines, which
are often observed in obese subjects, may be an important contributor to intestinal barrier dysfunction by altering structure
and localization of TJs

Inflammation, a Link between Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

-Autoimmune – 50m
-Diabetes – 18.3m
-Undiagnosed & pre-diabetes – 88.6m
-Heart Disease – 82.6m
-Cancer – 12.6m
-Mental Illness – 57.7m

309.8 million

So my dad sent me these last few statistics on Facebook as he was writing it, and said: “But there are only 311 million in the US – Clearly this means that some people have multiple disease, and some people have none. Any suggestions from the math world?” He loved getting me involved in these things, although -regrettably-, I usually laughed him off and ignored him. I responded that “a whole bunch of those are overlaps, i’m sure. this is a statistics-type question, not my strong suit”, which is true. I’ve never taken a statistics class, I’m a calculus girl.

I’m doing better today, but it’s still not real and surely not easy. I will write again soon. Thank you all so so so so so much for the messages here and on Facebook. My family appreciates it, and I know I will personally benefit from all your advice. I can really see now how many people he touched and how much they all appreciated my dad.

I added this to the last post, but I don’t know if you all receive notifications about updates, so here’s the information from the online obituaries if any of you are local or interested or just want to know: Obituaries: Boston GlobeFuneral Home, Long Island

Thanks again, I’ll be back soon

Love, Laura Schachter

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“Only the Good Die Young”

July 9, 2012 67 comments

Hello All-

This is Alan’s daughter, Laura- the one with Crohn’s and his inspiration for everything he did here and in all the communities in which he helped so many people. I am typing through the tears to tell you that my father- the reason I am alive, the reason I am healthy, and the most important man in my life- passed away suddenly Sunday morning July 8th, 2012.

My dad was out on a bike ride with his two best friends, Harvey and Jeff, and apparently had a massive heart attack that killed him instantly.

My grandfather, his father, died of the same thing when he was 51, although he had smoked his whole life and not eaten healthfully at all. My father spent the majority of his life dedicated to not succumbing to this same fate, doing everything in his power to prolong his life and be around for me and my sisters and my mom. My dad was just shy of his 55th birthday- August 12th.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog. I really don’t know all about this stuff- I am not even sure what pills I’m supposed to be taking out of the cabinet (I was going to learn this summer before I went off to College at Vassar). If you all could send me in the right directions and help me continue his legacy, I would love that.

This is all so surreal for me. Every time I stop crying and my family and friends cheer me up, I completely forget what is going on. I can’t believe he is gone.

I will try and check this regularly along with his Facebook, but I am Laura Schachter on Facebook if you’d like to talk to me personally.

My whole life just turned upside down.

Obituaries: Boston GlobeFuneral HomeLong Island

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