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Update from Laura

April 1, 2013 16 comments

Hi all!

It’s been an incredibly long time since I have said anything here, and I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of responding to any of you that have messaged me personally. Sorry for that, but I just don’t know what to say usually and I don’t think I’d be of much help.

I came here tonight after somehow ending up on my father’s Facebook account. Facebook has this (I think new) feature of showing ALL of a person’s activities (maybe only available to themselves?) and I found myself seeing exactly all of my dad’s previous Facebook activity. I scrolled through all the birthday messages people left him and that got me a bit emotional seeing all the kind words from people he helped and from friends. Then I went a little farther down to find this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.24.32 AM


It might not look like much to you, or to anyone at first. But look close: July 8th, at 7:15 am. That’s in the morning before he went on his bike ride. This photo is just a silly picture my friend took of me the night before at a candy store down on the cape. If you click on the photo, he’s the ONLY one that liked it. He liked it only hours before he passed away on that bike ride. That’s the ONLY thing he did on Facebook that morning, according to Facebook’s records. He didn’t answer any messages, post on any groups. He just liked a photo my friend posted of me from the night before. We hadn’t even spoken the night before.

I’m not quite sure why I’m posting this here. It made me really emotional and thought it might be worth sharing. I don’t know really. I guess I’ll give you guys a real update from me though while I’m here.

I only have a few weeks left in the semester here at Vassar College. It has been an amazing year and I am so glad I am studying in the same place that my dad studied decades ago. Often when I am walking around campus by myself I wonder where his favorite places were, whether he ever ate at the dining hall or if he only ate in his apartment, if I sit in the same seat he did in any of the buildings…all kinds of things. I can feel him here with me sometimes. He was so happy I chose his alma mater, I can’t even describe it. And it’s definitely the right place for me. I have made amazing friends, taken the best classes, and just had an overall awesome time.

As for my health, I am doing pretty well. While home over christmas break I had an appointment with my doctor, but upon arrival at the office after a two hour drive, the receptionist proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have an appointment for that day. As you might expect, I broke down and didn’t have the best day. I did see a doctor, but not mine. I am not a fan of things being out of my control in general, and in this case something out of my control was completely messed up by someone else. All I wanted to do was scream at the receptionist and barge into my doctor’s office and meet with him. I wanted someone to blame for such a colossal failure, but there was no one to blame. I had vivid memories of being there in July and making a follow up appointment for six months later. This time I am not throwing that appointment card away and calling ahead of time to confirm. Since then I have only had troubles with this doctors’ office. They don’t answer my messages, they never answer their phones in general, and they have been very irresponsible with my allergy serums. Last week they were supposed to be delivered to my pediatrician’s office at home. I had someone from school and home call to make sure this happened. Of course, those serums were never delivered and I missed a week of injections. The nurse on the phone assured me that missing a week would not throw off my course of treatment, but I informed her that was not what I wanted to hear. The office messed up; it would be fine if I chose to go on vacation and miss a week, but they were the ones that screwed up. They did promptly send them to school on monday so I got my injections on tuesday, but I am still very upset with them. Oh and those messages I left that they haven’t responded to? Prescription requests. I haven’t had the Rifaximin I was on since starting school since sometime in January when I ran out. I can’t order it without a prescription like my dad did in the summer, and my doctor’s office hasn’t fulfilled my request for one. Yes, it is an extra prescription that isn’t entirely necessary, but it was helping and I really want it back. I will try calling again soon but, as I told the ladies on the phone at the office, the only reason I am not taking my business somewhere else is because I love my doctor so much. He is worth jumping through hoops and driving two hours and taking a whole day to see him.

Besides missing the Rifaximin, I am doing well. The doctor I did see in January told me to take an iron supplement as my iron levels were on the very low range of normal. I think I reacted badly to the supplement’s recommended dose of twice a day, and have been taking it once a day without any troubles. The allergy shots are going well and I think might even be making a dent in my horrible allergies. The B12 injections are AMAZING! I wish I could manage with health services here to get them twice a week, but once a week does work to keep me awake from 8am until midnight or so. I can pretty much function like a normal college student.

I have a good friend (he lives across the hall from me) here who is also gluten-free, and we work together to make sure we both eat right and aren’t just having salads for every meal. The dining service here isn’t the worst possible, and I am coming to appreciate the (nearly) constant supply of Udi’s bread.

While home for christmas my mother told me that she had heard from a friend that one of my friends was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I knew this friend was sick, but had no idea he was going through what I already had. She pushed me to talk to him and help him as best as I could. You know, your father would want you to help your friend; he helped total strangers. I finally worked up the confidence to send him a message (I wasn’t 100% sure my mom had correct information about his diagnoses) and it turned out to be a great decision. He really received my story and advice well. However, he is having bigger medical issues than just gastrointestinal so I haven’t spoken to him much lately. Hopefully when we are both home this summer I can spend time with him and help some more.

Well, it’s getting late and I want to get up at 9am so I can have breakfast before my 10:30 linear algebra class. I have no clue who will read this but thanks if you did. It’s pretty much a long rant, but I needed to get all of this out. It feels a lot better now. Maybe I’ll try and do this more often. Feedback on what kinds of things you want to hear about would help. I don’t have the time or energy to do the research my dad did. Obviously that is all important to me, but as a college student taking five demanding classes, I can’t be doing extra research papers (basically what he was doing here) on the side all the time.

Goodnight world [:

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